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Cleaning business to the next level?

Are you ready to take your Commercial Cleaning business to the next level?

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What Strategy Session Participants

Said About Their Experience…

What Strategy Session Participants Said About Their Experience…

"Doubled Sales!"

Trace Thompson of JAN-PRO Tampa Bay Master Franchise Owner

“We’ve had an exceptional partnership with MotonAve since day one. Not only is their platform driving meaningful results, but their ongoing support, ability to be flexible and quick turnaround time on new initiatives make them an invaluable partner to us. Additionally, the knowledge base with all the team members and their focus on service make them a pleasure to work with!”

– Maureen Hockensmith - Director of Many Things JAN-PRO of Colorado

Motion Ave is a great addition to our office!

We learned of Motion Ave through the Jan Pro offices in Miami and Tampa Bay and the success they had experienced in gaining new franchise owners and sales. Motion Ave is the Scott Rasmussen sales process on steroids set up for every individual to utilize. Continued follow-up is the key in sales that a lot of salespeople fail to do and Motion Ave helps sales automatically execute.

We first started with franchisee sales as a test. We added our sales team in December and over the past three months transitioned to utilize 100% as our sales pipeline.

More and more individuals are searching the web for products and services. Motion Ave is working to drive our Google My Business listing to the top and to stay at the top as individuals search for commercial cleaning on the web. They help set up Google review campaigns to your existing customers that drive google reviews (started a review campaign in the first part of February and already have 47 reviews, prior six years we had 6. We currently have more than any of our competition), create landing pages, google ads that drive new customers to our office. We are able to listen to recorded phone calls and track the data from the campaigns, leads generated from Google, and all other sales. As owners, we have visibility to our sales team activity, stages of the pipeline, leads being worked on, closed, and lost that we can look at since inception, prior week, month, etc.

Having a partner is very important for us as a small business. We love the relationship built with Samuel and Adina. They understand our business model. The Motion Ave team is very quick to respond to emails and phone calls from everyone in our office. The Motion Ave team is also great for holding the team accountable as to the information needing to be provided and inputted by our team to drive success. We love that they are open to our feedback and suggestions.

For an office that does not have an internal marketing person, Motion Ave has helped us!

Thank you,

James & Alison Mairet Jan Pro – Kansas City

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